Lorraine Ashley spent her childhood in Essex.
Ashley gained her independence early, leaving home at the age of sixteen.
She became a tailor, whilst continuing her artistic pursuits.

“Ever since being a little girl I have always wanted to be an artist. Most kids would play outside with other kids. I would stop indoors and read, draw or deconstruct things to see how they were assembled. Consequently, by the end of the summer I would be the palest kid on the council estate. I taught myself how to knit, sew and crochet, by unpicking garments to see how they were put together. At school all I wanted to do was paint, draw and write stories. I wanted to inhabit my fantasy world and detach from the ‘real’ world. I just wanted to be creative.”

Ashley's inquisitive and independent spirit manifests itself in her practice. Today Ashley is still creating, albeit using power tools and currently choosing slate as her favoured material.

“My aim is to produce beautiful yet challenging work. I enjoy turning my life experiences into desirable art, by putting a highly aesthetic slant on ugly scenarios. I believe this approach creates a more engaging dialogue between myself and the viewer.”

Throughout her art, Ashley employs immaculate workmanship and sensitive use of materials. Equal value is placed on the conceptual and physical aspects of her art practice.

Ashley was awarded a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art by the University of Derby in January 2010.
She now lives in Warwickshire.